Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quit Watching Your Pot

This month, I have been focusing very little on advertising my book as I participate in National Write a Novel in a Month for the very first time.  Truthfully, my books sales have suffered.  But that doesn’t matter so much as I had very few sales to begin with.

What I have done in the way of marketing is plenty of giveaways.  I’ve had one  giveaway or another happening since mid-October.  So far, the giveaways haven’t produced many new sales, and they probably won’t, at least not until I get the next books in each series published.  But what they have produced are reviews, many from book bloggers who aren’t even accepting review requests, and also followers.

I checked in with my numbers today.  My facebook fan page has doubled in ‘likes’, as have my twitter followers and blog subscribers.  I’m sure the experts will tell you this is an all important step in building a fan base (well, duh).

Still, I was amazed at what happened to my numbers.  The old adage, ‘a watched pot never boils’ comes to mind here.  But I am admittedly obsessed with numbers, so I can’t not watch my pot for too long. 

Check out my latest guest post and giveaway at Alexia’sChroniclesMy advice to all of you Twain Wannabe’s?  Give.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNoWriMo - You are a fickle, fickle, whore. And so is your mother.

I was going to say bitch in the title but I'm trying to keep this blog PG.  Quick update on my writing this month – it is sucking.  Literally.  It is sucking the life right out of me.  Why is one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening so hard?  I'll tell you why – because if you don't accomplish it, you fall behind very quickly.  Then you begin to question your very skills as a writer, and motivation is fleeting.  The first week went well, the second week – not so much.  A few things I have definitely learned:

1 – The month of October needs to be WAY busier than the month of November.  Meaning, October should be filled with researching, planning and plotting.  It is fine if you write well on a whim, but it is soooo, soooo necessary to have a plan for when your muse fails you.  Additionally, if you already have books out, October should be spent pre-marketing for November.  This means blog posts, interviews, giveaways and blog hops all planned in advance so it is a quick copy and paste exercise in November, allowing you to return to your wonderful cocoon-like writing world.

2 – They should shut down Twitter AND Facebook for the month of November.  Unless you are counting your tweets and posts toward your 50,000 word goal, which I do.  The trick to writing is setting aside time, but the secret to productive writing is turning off all the gadgets during your time.  I firmly believe there are little 'time' demons running around, that have some sort of agenda against NaNoWriMo, who cause your phone to buzz when someone @mentions you on Twitter or makes the little red circle next to the Goodreads mail icon to pop up.  In fact, I may write a book about these demons.  The nemesis of whom, will be the angels sending e-mail notifications alerting you someone has bought your book on Smashwords.  Those are interruptions I welcome. 

3 – December is going to suck worse than November.  I am not looking forward to the many hours ahead of reviewing, editing and revising the crap I am producing.  But, I will march on, and at least turn it into polished crap.  Then my editor and critique group will march on and turn it into the most wonderful piece of writing forever and ever.  Well, maybe not forever.  Forever is a long time and I just can't be sure.

4 – Hate mail works!  For some reason, giving myself an outlet to spew curse words at NaNoWriMo about how much this sucks, has allowed me to break though that writer's block.  I was able to churn out this post in less than 10 minutes.  Ain't blogs grand?

So my goals for the third week?  Catch up on my goals for the second week.  And for the fourth week?  This will be the week I use writing as an excuse to avoid holiday get-togethers with my in-laws as much as possible.  I take what I said about you back, NaNoWriMo, perhaps you aren't so bad after all.  Are we still friends?  No?  Fine - you take the bed tonight.  I have writing to do anyway.  

And now I can add another 558 words toward my 50,000.  Score!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More about You

Thanks to my last post, I received great advice on finding my muse - and what to do about it even if she remains MIA.  Soon, I'll combine all the advice with some witty banter and catchy phrases, and make a great post out of it.  In fact, this advice is so great - I was even able to churn out a few guest posts in addition to my NaNoWriMo novel.  Check out the latest one at The Next Best Book Club, and if you missed my previous guest post, it is still up at Indies Unlimited.

Still can't get enough of me?  I have a new page on my blog; just click on 'More of Me'.  But enough about me - let's focus on you.  YOU should check out the latest promotion on 'Water', found under 'My Books'.  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not-So-Lofty Goals

Quick update on my writing this month.  I am closing in on 10,000 words, which puts me right on track for my 2,000 words/day goal.  The problem is, I am running out of inspiration.  At first, I had clear goals what I was going to write.  Goals that I have already accomplished.  So apparently, I need loftier goals.

Which is why I am writing a blog post; I simply don't know what else to write.  But just so you know, each word in this post most definitely counts toward NaNoWriMo totals.

While my muse is on vacation, I do have some semi-helpful writing tips to share:
  • Set aside time.  I do one hour before the kids wake up and one hour after they go to bed each day.  Come to find out, this is not the worst thing in the world, and is a schedule I can conceivably continue even after November; as long as the coffee holds out and the baby doesn't develop some awful form of insomnia.
  •  Turn stuff off.  This includes your Twitter screen, Facebook account, e-mails, etc.  One quick glance leads to several minutes, and possibly hours, of distraction.
  • Check in with friends right before you start writing for the day.  Look at their word count totals, let your competitive side take over – and totally leave them in the dust!  Feel free to add me as a writing buddy (I am Terra Harmony) on the NaNoWriMo website so I can totally leave you in the dust.
  • Use non-writing time to do your thinking and planning.  While you are in the shower you can come up with a name for that new character you just introduced.  When you are driving to work, think of your next plot twist.  If you get stuck while writing, use XXX. This does not mean 'insert extremely vulgar porn here'.  It is a method I use to bookmark places I need to revisit to fill in the blanks.
 That is really all the advice I have.  This is my first year and I'm still trying to figure out what works.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a muse to hunt down, hog-tie and strap to my desk, feeding her just enough water to survive but keeping her weak enough to never escape again.  Oh – just thought of a new scene…