Monday, September 19, 2011

I just coined a phrase, maybe...

A few ideas on how to create book buzz (if that is already not a coined phrase I want a nickel every time someone says it), or at least ideas on how to drive traffic towards your blog/website/Amazon links besides the dreaded review requests:
  • Offer to do an author interview for book review bloggers
  • Frequent author and writer forums, offering advice, ideas and solutions (sometimes leaving your links are forbidden or frowned upon, but you can at least get your name out there)
  • Participate in blog hops (check out the lower right hand side of my blog – Indie Author Blog Hop)
  • Participate in other author's blogs by leaving comments and enter their promotions.  Like I am doing now: check out Kristen Lamb's blog, and her book We Are Not Alone  
  • Make sure you are linking all of your social media sites together via RSS feeds, links, tweets, etc.  Also, make good use of QR codes.
  • Create author business cards and don't be shy about handing them out!
  • Enter contests (flash fiction, cover art contests, etc.)
 Have more ideas?  Please comment on this blog!

Side note: Just spent the last weekend writing a prequel to my short story Gleaming White, to be released soon.  I've never felt more productive!

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