Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help with Writing – Because Everyone Else has Abandoned You

Normally my posts are about self-publishing.  That is all well and good; I am as happy to get this kind of advice as the next guy.  But sometimes – or maybe all the time – we need advice on writing (using my conjunction at the beginning of the sentence as proof).  After all, Indie Authors are constantly told: if you don't have a good story, it won't sell. 

After you have exhausted all available resources (meaning your significant other, family members or friends), try a writing group.  See my post on this.

Left to my own, scary, writing tactics when I needed to reorganize one of my short stories – I ended up printing the entire thing, cutting it up by scene, hanging it on our bookshelf and reorganizing that way.

Upside to this, my husband actually looked at it and pointed out a mistake.  If hanging up the story all over the house is what I have to do to get his input, so be it.  Looks like we just decided on new wallpaper.

Shortly after, I was introduced to some writing software that can do the same – scissors free.  Scrivener is now in the beta stages for Microsoft but has a full version out for Mac users.  Winners of NaNoWriMo received a 50% off coupon last year; hopefully the same will occur this year so I can try it out!

A friend in my writing group (see all the advantages they have?) loaned me a copy of Dramatica Pro.  I have already begun entering my novel information into the program.  Granted, the novel is already complete but it may help me identify weaknesses, and can hopefully transfer into the next book of the series.

Looking forward to seeing how some of you Twain Wannabe's illicit writing help!

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