Saturday, July 16, 2011

A morning of Mom-hood

The background: One morning last week - everything true, nothing exaggerated (though I wish I could say it were).
The characters: Nick (husband), Jenna (1 yr old daughter), Tristan (4 yr old son), Caelyn (11 yr old son).

The story:
6:15: Wake up, check bank account.  I’ve got to stop starting my day with that.
6:30: Drive Nick to train station.
6:43: Coffee
6:45: Get everything out to make pancakes. 
6:50: Jenna wakes up (already???!!!).  Resume making pancakes.  She wants to help.

7:00: Change poop diaper.
7:03: Resume making pancakes (yes, I washed my hands – thoroughly).  Discover there are no eggs.  Text Nick:
                Me: did u use all the eggs?
                Nick: yes
                Me: darn – I was going 2 make pancakes
                Nick: no you weren’t – u have no eggs
7:15:  Drive to store.  Almost get hit by trash truck.  Reminds me I need to take out the trash before they get to my house.
7:25: Running through store with baby in one hand, eggs in another.  Have to beat that trash truck.  Grab some syrup just in case.
7:40: Coffee.  Consider adding some of that scotch.
7:42: Resume making pancakes.  Need butter – Jenna helps look for it but only comes up with the Tabasco sauce.

7:45: Get Caelyn up and off after a discussion on why he can’t wear his robe to swim practice.

7:47: What is that noise?  Crap!  Trash truck.  Race the trash cans to the curb.
7:48: Tristan wakes up.  
7:49: Make a running dive for that scotch. 
8:00: Tristan wants to help make pancakes. 

8:05: Tristan burns his finger.  Text Nanny.  Tell her there is pancakes for her if she could only get here fast.
8:10: Jenna disappears and returns with her dad’s underwear and plumbing of some sort (pipe, valve).  Wonder where it came from.  Tristan hypothesizes it came from the old man’s bank account.  I choose not to explore that thought further for fear where it might lead us.  Spend a few second listening for gushing water.  Didn’t hear any.  Everything’s probably ok. 
8:15: Burn first batch of pancakes.
8:30: Nanny comes.  Give her instructions for the day and get kids ready.
9:00: Caelyn finds deer behind our house on his way home from swim practice.  Have to take pictures.
9:15: 2 ½ hours after I started - PANCAKES!!!  Tomorrow I think I will just shoot for cereal.

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