Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the name

Nobody has asked why I chose the blog name, Twain Wannabe.  But if they did, this would be my response.
I love Mark Twain quotes.  I love that he has failed at many things in his life.  I love that ‘Mark Twain’ is not, in fact, his real name.  However, the truth is that most blog titles at were already taken, including bloggityblogblog.  So I had to settle for something else.  It is not all bad.  I mean, Mark Twain and I do have a lot in common.  Here is a list:
1.        Mark Twain was an American author and humorist.  I would like to become an American author, but would also accept a status as a Canadian author.  I like moose.
2.       Twain lacked financial acumen.  I don’t know what acumen means, so I possibly ‘lack’ it.
3.       Twain patented three inventions.  I think inventions are cool.
4.       Twain lost money on his publishing house.  I just started a publishing business and with website subscription fees, am so far $15 in the hole.
5.       Twain was a staunch supporter of women’s rights.  I am a woman.
Thus, the Twain Wannabe blog is created.  Boom.

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