Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Advice Doesn't Suck

A long weekend on the laptop, and I have my short story published via the Amazon website, Kindle and Nook for $.99.  Next step is Smashwords (will distribute to iPad, Sony, Kobo, Android, Stanza, Aldiko, etc.).  After, that I can stop ignoring my family and the pile of dirty laundry that is trickling out of bedrooms and down the stairs.

So glad I decided to use a short story as a test run for ebook publishing.  I was constantly going back through the text making changes and I can't imagine having to do that with a full length novel.

For those about to pursue the same endeavor, a few bits of knowledge (disclaimer: 'knowledge' should not be presumed to be preceded by 'good', 'useful', or even 'slightly helpful'):

- Format for Kindle first (larger audience, in my opinion, and much user-friendlier instructions plus a more populated help forum).
- Use MobiPocket Creator to turn a .doc into a .prc format
- Use the Kindle Previewer before uploading to Amazon.  Trust me - there will always be something you need to go back and revise and it is much easier to do before you publish.
- For publishing to Nook, use Calibre to format your book.
- Upload the .prc file you already created for Kindle into Calibre to create the epub document.  The transition is much smoother than using .pdf and it won't allow .doc.

Of course, my e-publishing saga is still in the beginning stages, and by the end of it my best advice might be 'don't follow my advice'.  Either way, hopefully my books prove to be much better than my advice.  I used the word 'advice' way too much just now.  Not so in my books - I have an editor.  Speaking of good editing, here is an excerpt from my short story, Gleaming White:

             The vampires reacted with a loud, synchronized hissing but did not move towards her.  Their gazes slid over her shoulder.  She didn’t have to look to know something was there; in fact, she dare not look.  Her blood forgot all other vampires, and began to ebb and flow like the tide, beating itself against her veins.
            “What do you want, brethren?”  A vampire finally spoke, but he had a tremble to his voice. 
            “I’ve been summoned.”  His voice was like warm liquid, washing through her and back out again, taking pieces of her with it, beckoning the rest to follow.
            “No one here is in need of your assistance.”
            The powerful being spoke again, “Your thoughts are not yours alone.  I heard the call for protection through your own thoughts.  I have to assume it came from the only human among us.”  - End of Excerpt 

I know - right?!

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