Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Technology of it All

Following up with my last post.  Yes - emailing five review requests per day have proven to be too much work, as I have yet to meet that goal for any day this past week.  A large problem with this is getting sucked into a blog.  Many are funny, have good advice, or are just plain addicting (  Some of the best advice I've seen in a blog is to stop reading the blog and start writing.  And yet - I read on...and so are you.  Not to mention the usual distractions of kids, a full time job, dinner and east coast earthquakes.

No matter - even five reviews a week is something.  I also continue to edit my full length novel, Water, and have set a goal of getting the ebook published by mid-September.  This would allow me to hopefully have a few reviews generating buzz in time for the biggest e-book buying season  - November/December.  I am all still working with a graphic artist to get the cover done.  It is going slower than I would have hoped; I should probably say something to her at some point.  Although, if she follows this blog, mission accomplished.

Another unanticipated kink in the self-publishing process is technology.  RSS feeds, hash tags, links, different formats (.epub, .mobi, .prc), pixels, ebook converters; the sheer amount of technological know-how I now have to know is blowing my mind.  Since I tend to retain very little, I will probably have to re-learn it when I publish Water.  As both books are the first of a series to come, I have resolved to start documenting step-by-step processes and will hopefully one day have them posted here.

Yes, one day, this blog will be great...

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