Friday, August 5, 2011

Vampires - Yes Please!

Enough about my family.  If you want to hear cute stories about my kids or see funny videos of them spilling milk all over, friend me on facebook.  For now, it is time to write about my writing.  Then maybe I’ll focus on getting blog followers.  Right now I have one.  It is me.

I recently finished a short story.  It is a totally clich√©, vampire story full of sex, bad good-guys and heroines names Isabelle.  I may have missed the boat with the vampire phenomenon but it was totally fun to write!  Not a chore at all – like this blog.

Gleaming White is in the editing stages (sounds so professional, but really it is just someone I found on Craigslist), and will be my first experiment in self-publishing.  It is a practice run for when I release my real novel in a few months (more on that later).

I will blog again (ugh) when it is up for the world to see.  

In case you are already suffering from withdraw, here is a cute picture of my kids:

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